Freelance (and contract) guy

Welcome to Reactivate, the productivity and development side of Dennis Lee. This website is just ‘me’ — there’s no national chains or various departments to deal with.

Based in the North-West, England, freelance and contract work is undertaken on a regular basis both locally and nationally. I’ve worked with a range of clients, from individuals to large organisations and digital media agencies.

Services I provide include domain name management, hosting, marketing, SEO and coding (ASP, PHP, Perl, Ajax, Javascript and others). Further information can be found on the services page. In addition, a list of domain names for sale (or rent) is also available.

Feel free to contact me with your requirements or queries.

You can also reach me on twitter

Compulsory asterisk section…

*Unsurprisingly I do not showcase my entire output of over sixteen years of design, development and marketing solution work. Only a tiny fraction of work is included here. All work whilst at a design agency or for other contractual reasons cannot be shown.

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